Dear Dance Parents and Students,

My name is Jessica Perez (Ms. Jessica) and I am the owner and creative director of Xplosive Dance Academy. I personally welcome you to our studio as new or returning students and family. We are pleased to have you for our 2021-2022 dance season.

As a dance director/owner, I love seeing all the same things in my students that I felt when I started to dance. Being able to work with students that have such wonderful gifts, talent, passion, and potential is amazing. It's something I love and can't live without. I am so thankful I’ve been given the opportunity to share my love of dance with so many wonderful dancers, parents, and friends here at Xplosive since I opened in 2011.

I hope you'll be satisfied and pleased with your child's acquired skills and abilities this coming year. My goal is to provide a valuable service for you and your child. A service that provides; 

  • Professional teaching staff and environment 

  • Teaching your child quality foundations in the arts

  • Encourages self-esteem 

  • Your child develops a love and appreciation for the arts


Your child will continue to get the best dance education. Xplosive Dance Academy offers quality dance instruction by our Top Notch Staff with professional dance experience and exceptional talent.

Dance is a part of me, a part of who I am and I have you to thank for continuing this passion. I am looking forward to working with your child and I hope this will be a terrific year for them!


Ms. Jessica Perez

Owner/Creative Director of Xplosive Dance Academy

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