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XDA Competition Team

Xplosive Dance Academy’s award winning competitive dance team was founded in 2011 by XDA Owner and Artistic Director, Ms. Jessica Perez. What began as a small Mini and Junior team has over the years grown to serve dancers from ages 4 all the way to age 18. Our team’s goal is to provide the quality training our students need to express themselves through competitive dance. We push our dancers to be the best they can be by providing them discipline, structure, and most importantly passion for the arts. Our competitive record has proven us to be a strong and dedicated dance team family!

Xplosive Dance Academy’s Competitive Team provides advanced group training through weekly classes in technique and choreography designed to develop strong dancers who are great performers. Participating on Team is incredible way for students to experience skill development at a very challenging level. Being on a competitive team drives personal achievement, perseverance and builds a strong sense of belonging. It acknowledges the strength of a student’s skill, and recognizes their capacity to grow, pushing them to become highly skilled dancers and performers. Classes are taught with a desire and drive to improve skills and to entertain, share, and cooperate with a team. Students on Team will learn new skills and improve on technique but will concentrate a great deal on pulling it all together in stage-ready presentations for competitions.

For more information on the XDA Competitive Team please contact the studio at or call 407-440-4616.

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